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  • The New York Times

    Dr. Martin Kohlmeier, a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, explains that avocados might be seen as being healthier due to their ability to replace less healthy foods.


    Kurt Gray, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at UNC-Chapel Hill, dives into why the TikTok about a mom not returning her shopping cart has become so contentious.

  • The New York Times

    Melissa B. Jacoby, a law professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, breaks down how wealthy companies utilize bankruptcy laws to shield against civil liability.

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  1. The Music of Rahsaan Barber

    Hill Hall

    Mon, June 2407:00 pm

  2. Meet with a CAPTRUST Financial Advisor

    Administrative Office Building, Human Resources

    Mon, July 108:00 am

  3. Illustration of a laptop with icons representing text, illustration, photo-editing and art apps.

    GenAI 101

    Robert B. House Undergrad Library

    Mon, July 1512:00 pm

  4. Playmakers Theater

    The Prom

    PlayMakers Repertory Company

    Wed, July 1707:30 pm